Carbon Steel Plate

Hot Rolled Sheet


      Hot rolled sheet, that is, hot rolled steel plate and steel strip, commonly known as hot plate,usua lly the rolling is written as a tie word, such as hot tie plate, but all refer to the same hot rolled plate. Refers to the width of greater than or equal to 600mm, thickness of 0.35-200mm steel plate and thickness of 1.2-25mm steel strip.

     The carbon content of hot-rolled steel plate is slightly higher than that of cold rolled steel plate. The density is the same if the composition is not very different. However, if the composition is verydifferent, such as stainless steel, whether cold rolled, hot rolled steel plate density is about 7.9g/cm3. The specific depends on the composition, the hotrolled steel plate is only better ductility,and the steel is also subjected to pressure.


       Hot rolled steel is divided into structural steel, low carbon steel, welded bottle steel, and then find the steel you need according to various steels, and check the density and composition of specific steels.

      Hot rolled steel plate has low hardness, easy processing and good ductility.

      The cold rolled plate has high hardness and relatively difficult processing, but it is not easy to deform and has high strength.

      The strength of the hot rolled steel plate is relatively low, the surface quality is almost (low oxidation finish), but the plasticity is good, generally for medium and thick plates, cold rolled plates: high strength, high hardness, high surface finish, generally for thin plates, which can be used as stamping plates.

    The production process of hot-rolled steel plate is different from that of cold rolled steel plate. Hot rolled steel plate is rolled at high temperature, cold rolled is rolled at room temperature. In general, cold-rolled steel plates have better strength, and hot rolled steel plates have better ductility. The general thickness of cold rolling is relatively small, and the thickness of hot rolling can be larger. The surface quality, appearance and dimensional accuracy of cold rolled steel plate are better than that of hot rolled plate, and its product thickness can be rolled to about 0.18mm, so it is more popular. For product acceptance, you can ask professionals to carry out.

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