Carbon Steel Plate

Cold Rolled Sheet


    Cold rolled sheet (English name cold rolled sheet) is a product made of hot rolled coil rolled at room temperature and below the recrystallization temperature. Mostly used in automobile manu facturing, electrical products and so on.

    Cold rolling is rolling at recrystallization temperatures, but is generally understood as rolling using normal temperature rolled materials.

    Due to the absence of heating in the production process, there are no defects such as pitting and oxide sheet that often occur in hot rolling, and the surface quality is good and the fini shis high.

    Moreover,the dimensional accuracy of cold-rolled products is high, and the perfor mance and organization of products can meet some special requirements, such as electr omag netic properties and deep drawing properties.

冷轧图2.jpg     Specifications: The minimum thickness is 0.2-4mm, the width is 600-2000mm, and the lengthof the steel plate is 1200-6000mm.

     Cold rolled strip is widely used, such as automobile manufacturing, electrical products, rollingstock, aviation, precision instruments, food cans and so on.

     Cold rolled steel sheet is the abbreviation of ordinary carbon structural steel cold-rolled sheet,also known as cold-rolled sheet, commonly known as cold plate, sometimes mistakenly written as cold tie plate. Cold plate is made of ordinary carbon structural steel hot rolled steel strip, after further cold rolling to make a thickness of less than 4mm steel plate. Because it is rolled at room temperature, no oxide sheet is produced, therefore, the surface quality of the cold plate is good, the dimensional accuracy is high, coupled with annealing treatment, its mechanical properties and technological properties are better than the hot-rolled sheet steel, in many fields, especially in the field of home appliance manufacturing, has gradually replaced the hot-rolled sheet steel with it.

     Cold rolled sheet has good performance, that is, through cold rolling, you can get a thinner

thickness, higher precision cold-rolled strip and steel sheet, high flatness, high surface finish, cold rolled sheet surface clean andbright, easy to coat processing, variety, wide use, and has high stamping performance and non-aging, low yield point characteristics, so cold-rolled sheet has a wide range of uses. Mainly used in automobiles, printed iron drums, construction, building materials, bicycles and other industries, but also the production of organic coated steel plate is the best choice of materials.

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