Tisco (Tianjin) Import and Export Co., LTD. - Located in the center of Bohai Economic Circle - Tianjin China,Tianjin is China's third largest city, one of the four municipalities directly under the central government, China's national central city, the economy of northern China Center, China North International Shipping Center, China North International Logistics Center, international port city and ecology The city.
     The company's products are widely used in power industry, steel industry, cement industry, glass industry, mining Industry, coal treatment industry, metallurgical machinery, engineering machinery, loading machinery, port transportation, etc. Wear-resistant composite steel plate In chemical composition, microstructure, hardness, wear resistance, flatness and other aspects of the market is far ahead of other similar Class of products. The wear - resistant plate in practical application can greatly extend the maintenance time, thus reducing the maintenance cost. material Sales, processing, and distribution of integrated enterprises. The company now has 2 sets of 12000W laser cutting machines,8 m /6 m /4 m bending machine, plasma cutting machine, double gun/four gun surfacing machine 8 13 axis leveling machine, sand blasting machine,Line painting equipment, can provide you with three-dimensional processing services.
     Advantages: weather-resistant steel plate, carbon steel plate, color coating roller, hardfacing wear-resistant steel plate, wear-resistant steel plate, weather-resistant steel plate processing, galvanized steel plate coil, stainless steel plate strip steel pattern plate, pattern steel plate, strip steel, aluminum, etc. According to customer drawings processing custom finished steel bending parts. Weathering steel curtain wall, weathering steel flower basin, weathering steel oven, weathering steel screen, weathering steel brazier, etc. Welding, punching, hollow carving, etching engraving and other processing products best-selling consumer market, enjoy a higher status among consumers, the company and a number of retailers and agents to establish a long-term stable relationship of cooperation.
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